Plazma cutting


Plasma cutting is characteristic due to it's high cutting accuracy. A very important thing is the quality of the cut edge of the material and the speed of the whole process. Plasma cutting is a lot cheaper than laser cutting. We guarantee precision cutting, even in metals with a thickness of 25 mm. Offer valid on orders over 50 pieces detail. We cut sheet with maximum dimensions of 1500 x 3000 mm and a minimum thickness of 1 mm sheet.

We use Powermax 85A which is the most advanced system for cutting metal with a thickness of 25 mm. Powermax85 - offers the same features and options as Powermax65 system, but has a greater power and a current output of 85 A variety of types of torch Duramax guarantees unique flexibility while cutting manual and automated X-Y table, and the robotic cutting and gouging.



Metal thickness [mm] Price per Meter [zł]

Metal thickness           Steel          Steinless Steel                     

1,0                                      3,0                         3,5

2,0                                      3,5                         4,0

3,0                                      4,0                         5,5

4,0                                      4,5                         5,0

6,0                                      6,0                         6,5

8,0                                      7,5                         8,0

10,0                                   7,5                         9,0


With material thicknesses exceeding 10 mm price consulted individually. The prices do not constitute a commercial offer.
Price does not include the value of the material.
Part drawing should be delivered in a format * .dxf, * .dwg (AutoCad). Design in AutoCad valued individually!

Our company is a professional processing of pipes and profiles from steel, stainless steel and aluminum for many industries, as well as to individual customers (however please note that bending the individual is associated with charging the fee associated with the change of gears). We have modern machinery, as well as highly qualified staff with extensive experience gained in the implementation of many different projects.


  • Handrails
  • Pipelines
  • French barriers
  • Bicycle rack
  • Machine elements
  • Furnishing accessories


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